GIGA.Listen invites all would-be Casterstars


(Will) Recently GIGA.Listen launched with the English section focusing on WC3 and ET currently. Were looking for a few extra English talents to add to our motivated team to cover these and other games.

GIGA.Listen invites all would-be Casterstars

I still remember my first caster days. Crazy stuff, I was 17 or something (am almost 24 now, Ooold), casting Tribes 2 as I was pretty settled down there. I tried joining a pretty small team, submitted a cast that still puts a smile on my face when I listen to it. It wasn’t too good really but the determination was there. I got recruited in the team and started doing a lot of casts for them, being happy I reached the 50 listeners with a good match.

I continued doing this for a long time, until Warcraft III was released. With the experience I harvested in the Tribes2 scene I stepped into the Warcraft III one and immediately scored the max limit on our trivial servers: 200. Every cast was an adventure for me and a helloalot fun, I continued to improve along with the listener counts, was invited to cast at the WCG 2003 and finally came to be invited to GIGA TV in May 2006.

As you can see it was a long road for me, but I had fun at every point of the timeline. I’m one of the few oldschool English casters that kept doing it and that’s because of all the listeners who supported me every time, the strong eSports community that keeps growing and damn knows how to party! We’ve made a lot of fun and it’s not about to end anytime soon.

Now we offer the opportunity to make a star out of yourself in one of the leading companies in eSports coverage: GIGA TV.
No matter your age or your origin, if you’d like a life experience as I had, perhaps even growing to become a pro shoutcaster/TV presentor, don’t hesitate and give it a try.

We offer you high-end servers to cast on, a strong organisation and the ability to cast many events and eSports happenings.

Submit your shoutcast sample to: or contact Zolex at #giga.listen on and bring your voice into the scene!

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