Wichtige Gruppen für das WCG 2008 Grand Final


(Toni) 1) Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties

Group D drawing result
I. Karsten ‘nPhoenix’ Hager(Germany) – WCG 2007 Grand Final 3rd Place
II. USA 1st – WCG 2007 Grand Final 2nd Place
III. Byeong-Gun ‘iamgrunt’ Kang(Korea) – WCG 2007 Grand Final 1st Place, WCG Hall of Famer
IV. Chan ‘TheO_YU-GI’ Kuan Chuan(Singapore)

2) Counter-Strike

Group C drawing result
I. eSTRO(Korea) – WCG 2007 Grand Final Top 8, ESWC 2008 Grand Final 2nd Place
II. MeetYourMakers(Poland) – WCG 2006 Grand Final 1st Place, ESWC 2008 Grand Final 1st Place
III. sYnck(Estonia)
IV. fu.sk(Slovakia)
V. tsw.mc(New Zealand)
VI. MiBR(Brazil) – WCG 2006 Pan-America 1st Place, ESWC 2006 Grand Final 1st Place
VII. Extremeplayers(Hong Kong)

3) WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

Group A drawing result
I. Elton ‘OdiN’ Valdez Nieto(Peru)
II. Yap ‘Serry’ Tong Lian(Malaysia)
III. Ecuador 1st
IV. Kim ‘aTTaX.SaSe’ Hammer(Sweden) – Ace player in Europe
V. Manuel ‘MYM]Grubby’ Schenkhuizen(Netherlands) – WCG 2004 Grand Final 1st Place
VI. Tim ‘HATE-LOVE-ANGER’ Gebel(Germany)
VII. XuWen ‘WE.Pepsi.Infi’ Wang(China) – Chinese Players are strong in WarCraft III

4) StarCraft: Brood War

Group H drawing result
I. Tomas ‘nEph_Maix’ Samol(Slovakia)
II. Firdavs ‘fiRe)TempLar’(Uzbekistan)
III. Krzysztof ‘Draco’ Nalepka(Poland) – The best player in Europe
IV. Xian ‘Legend’ Luo(China)
V. Byung-Gu ‘Stork’ Song(Korea) – WCG 2007 Grand Final 1st Place

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