EPS Germany: Hasuobs vs. Thurisaz


(Will) As a second WC3 game today we have Hasuobs vs. Thurisaz, playing in EPS playday 13. The finals are drawing near now and the final fights are to be played, can these 2 players still give us a fight this season to remember?

EPS Germany: Hasuobs vs. Thurisaz

Thurisaz is a Human player and has lost to only the best German EPS players so far, and won or was a serious challenge to all others. He can make the usual mistake which costs him the game but he is a skilled player in micro and strategy. If he can concentrate and refrain on making much mistakes then Hasuobs could be in a world of hurt.

Hasuobs plays Undead and managed to beat a lot of good players this season, including star Miou, fire_de and Fisch. Still he only managed to achieve rank 10 opposed to Thuri’s rank 7 and will want to beat him to get higher up before the EPS comes to its end.

Good matchup today and audio commented by Zolex at 8pm CET!

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