EPS Germany: Miou vs Insolence


(Will) David vs. Goliath on Monday. The #1 player in the league faces #8 in playday 12. A total bash? Well see…

EPS Germany: Miou vs Insolence

Statistic wise I don’t see Insolence having much of a chance in this game.
Human player Miou has lost only twice and won nine times. He also beat international favourite Insomnia last friday in the IFNG, not to mention he won the gold in a lot of EPS leagues.

Orc player Insolence has lost six times, winning only five games. His last EPS game ended in a complete bash with tower rushes by Thurisaz and leaves little hope for this next game. Let’s hope he practised some and makes this an exciting game nonetheless!

This game will be commentated on by Will “Zolex” at 8pm CET(GMT+1) and presented in German by Chris and Maxi.

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