GIGA 2 Special: China in your hands


(Will) For our users we now have something special in our VoD-archive: dozens of VoDs of the past PGL Season 2006. Experience the asian Warcraft III elite on stage without lengthy registration processes, Chinese characters or slow download speeds.

GIGA 2 Special: China in your hands

People who’d like to see a VoD from Korea or China have to meet a few obstacles down the road. A difficult sign-up process in Chinese, paired with a lengthy download from a site far far away. Today GIGA 2, thanks to their partnership with the PGL, can offer you a fast way of downloading chinese VoDs with your GIGA 2 account!

GIGA 2 brings you the most exciting games of the PGL 2006 Grand Finals. In over 70 new Videos, which show us what Sky, Zacard, FoV or Fly100% are doing when they’re not playing in our own European leagues.

Have fun watching!

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