Number one meets underdog at 20 CET


(Uli) It seems that the winner of this match is already known. The a-Losers have made it very clear this season that they are the number one team in Germany. pod have kept up with the good clans, but their participation in the finals of the ESL Pro Series is anything but sure.

Number one meets underdog at 20 CET

As the clear underdog, pod might have the advantage, especially on a map like de_cbble, where one pistol round can be decisive. The chance to go to the finals is still there, they’re not going to gamble it away easily.

The lineups tonight:


  • Roman “roman” Ausserdorfer
  • Arndt-Peter “night” Schmidt
  • Daniel “mueller” Müller
  • Max “ODiE” Knappe
  • Markus “crash” Esser
  • Deutschland
    pod virtual gaming

  • Sebastian “cYpress”
  • Linus “beist” Gubenis
  • Dennis “rez0r” Bethke
  • Witali “nuY” Martin
  • Tobias “Notorious” Torka
  • Tune in tonight at 20 CET with Uli.

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