Shootmania - Closed Beta test nur ein fake


Nachdem die 2 Blogger vom TMBlog sich dachten eine Beta von dem First Person Shooter Shootmania von Nadeo rauszugeben machten sie eine seite die so aussah wie die Nadeo seite und machten dann folgendes: ”all 5 ftp slots are curently not avaible”
Um punkt 0:00 kam folgendes:
”As most of you have realised by now, the screenshot was faked and the download website was spoofed (with all the little tricks that made it look so realistically crowded :-)

from about 1300 CET to 2400 CET
10,288 Downloads were started … not ;-)

Thx to v000nix and Twoeagles to start the rumours, to Florent (Nadeo) who showed good humour, to x-cess for his sweet monowheel car model and to all others who joined in celebrating this a-bit-late april fool’s joke :-) ”

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