UT major showdown coming up: Junk52


(Will) Attention Unreal Tournament fans! Great players are gathering soon in an all-out battle to prove whos the best out there.

Junk52 will be the name of the tournament, 8 players were invited, 16 taken from Delzy’s ladder cups and 2 from each of the 4 qualification rounds, summing up to 32 players in total.
The qualification rounds still have to be completed but we can already tell you the list of invited players:

1. dignitas/astz!
2. dignitas/frantic
3. dignitas/Po1son
4. Falcon
5. Zeta
6. xTp.zeD
7. skAven
8. k1ck-Hypno

We’re proud to announce that we can broadcast this clash exclusively to you!

Statement of Orga DeLzy:

After a big success of DeLzy’s project, we are happy to announce the Junk52 theatre 1on1 Cup, where the best ut2004 players will compete against each other. I’m glad to give the exclusive rights to GIGA, since it’s a great organization that will bring you the live Shoutcast and Videostream during the whole tournament.

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