Review - How it had to be: Scott Pilgrim vs. The world!


Scott Pilgrim vs. The world is one 8- bit wonder. Introducing the social network habits into the characterisation of its protagonists, about leveling up Scott Pilgrim through his fights against the league of evil exes only to mix the essence of kung- fu filmes with the cutting edge visualizations of computer games in the end. If the story wouldn’t be so loveable for absolute beginners, i would be stunned. But so, it is something for drunken nights, instead of  disputatious days.

Scott Pilgrim, the protagonist and bassist of the band !”sex bom- omb”!, doesn’t want to be alone any more, so he starts to date the high- schooler Knives Chau and let the trouble begins. They understand themselves quite well, earning skills in videogame halls- which can be understood as the introduction of the skill- moves in videogames- and having decent times, until he get to see Ramona Flowers in a library. With the first sight, she leaves him speechless. Later on he introduced himself to her at a party. Dreaming of her, bringing a paket to his door, he wakes up the next morning just to realize, that she actually does. From this on, he isn’t the Scott Pilgrim any more, his friends knew. With an e-mail concerning the upcoming battles against the evil exes, Scott is betraying not only Knives Chau but also his self- esteem for the sake of Ramona. Within the next film hour he has to battle the league of evil exes, one bollywood styled indian mystic, then an skateboarding hollywood action star, one vegane rockstar, one lesbian and monozygote twins, just to enter the last boss- fight against Gideon Graves, the super- villain and mastermind behind the league.


With strong visual effects, matrix- styled battles and a role- playing game story, this movie tries to be the quintessence of the generation of its time. The only fault: The story of the movie is for the age up to 25 and drunken even for generations above. But i doubt that many of the 20 to 25 have made their experience with 8- bit music when this was ahead of time- i mean 25 years ago. It is true, that every generation has had its handhelds, but with the every bit surrounding coolness of this movie, just the 30- ager are capable of enjoying this movie because it stands out for a better past or a past like it should be. But nahhhwww!!!!! Not with this story. Sorry!




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