China eSport Games: The start of an awesome eSports year!


(Will) A new year begins for eSports, and like every year this scene will grow. Weve already started with a major tournament in China called the CEG, China Esports Games (I wouldnt give it an A+ on its originality there but the games were damn fine). Today we present you the Highlights of this tournament.

China eSport Games: The start of an awesome eSports year!

This tournament is completely over now though, the finals were played recently and the winners are known. We want to show you a few of the best replays and comment on it ourselves though, and see what China has in store for us Warcraft III wise.

The tournament was mainly Asian though, as the only competing Europeans were ToD and SaSe. This isn’t a bad thing though, we can find other well-known international players such as Sky and Sweet participating in these finals.

Promises to be nice game which will be fun to cast, obviously by yours truly Zolex at 7:30pm CET.

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