Zolex blog 11/04/07: Gaming and the rest of the world


(Will) So yeah, Im gonna start writing blogs now, ever since it became the thing to do and all. Usually people read one to find something that pisses them off so they can start flaming the poor person who wrote it. Thats actually why Im writing mine, I love drama.

I hope I’m passing by the usual prejudice of “oeww he thinks he’s important enough to write stuff people remotely care about”, despite my job I’m not really the kind of guy that likes to be in the center of attention. I tend to avoid that by a 5 mile arc to be honest. I just seem to be drawn to it every time in my life, simply by seeking amusement.

Anyway, enough with the small talk, let’s start throwing some emotion into the field: gaming addiction. Hell you can call me the biggest computerfreak on the planet but I’ll still tell you that overdoing gaming can be a seriously bad thing. I’m not talking about people like ToD and Grubby here, who earn enough money with it to feed Africa for a few millennia, I’m talking about the average joe. I wasted most of my life playing games and in Belgium there wasn’t really much to earn with it. The only thing that got me anywhere was shoutcasting, but the 10 something years of gaming? Heck I stopped for a few years and I get my ass kicked by random noobs all over the place.

Of course that’s not the way I’d want it to be, it’s unfair. It’s a hobby, a pleasure, a mental sport. Still it’s shunned by the average club hoe and seen as a bad thing by most of the rest of the world. Should we stop gaming then? Not exactly, the only thing it needs is acceptance. People need to be able to achieve things with it, without being a ToD or a Grubby. With the growing world of eSports we’re taking the right steps towards that.

Oh well. I’m not the kind of guy to ramble on too long on a certain subject, cause it bores me and I assume it bores you more. The message I’m trying to give out here is a thanks to the people accepting the way of life that millions chose to take and especially to the people working hard on letting others achieve things by doing so. Not the narrow-minded part of the populace directing you to the nearest society-accepted way of life. Cuz that’s what gaming has become for a lot of us

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