GIGA.listen: WC3L: WE vs. 4K


(Will) The next WC3 shoutcast will set the masters against each other. These guys reached the WC3L offline finals and promise us a topmatch on Tuesday.

GIGA.listen: WC3L: WE vs. 4K

I expect great battles in this one, Four Kings won last season and World Elite put up a tough fight for them in order to reach it. Those games are behind us and every single playday teams will attempt to push 4K off their throne. First one to take a shot at that one will be WE.

It’s hard to predict the outcome of this fight and I wouldn’t dare put any money on it. WE Players such as Remind and Lyn have improved so much lately, with Remind taking gold (or in this case, a nice looking sword) in the season 4 Finals. The rest of the line-up is strong to say the least with longtime favourite Sky being the human powerhouse in the team.

As for the Kings, ToD will most likely be put on Lost Temple with his skill in the Human race and Grubby, world-wide orc battlestar, will make any fight extremely hard for his opponents.

Tune in to the English cast of this topmatch!

Date, time: 20 Feb, 2pm CET
Shoutcaster: Zolex

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