WC3L: Sk.ger vs. Clan Go


(Will) Monday Warcraft day! We start with a WC3L playdowns match between http://static1.giga.de/media/news/1118316178news.jpgSK.ger and http://static1.giga.de/media/news/1120216822news.jpgClan Go. With both of them ranked about equally, this should be an interesting

WC3L: Sk.ger vs. Clan Go

As interesting as it may be, this game has little effect on the WC3L as both teams already requalified in their match vs Hoorai. However, the team that will be able to remove the maps first next season will be decided by this game.

SK.ger is certainly aiming for this and will give it them all with well-known players such as Miou, Xlord and Fire_de. For this first season they’ve done great and they plan to do even better the next, starting with showing how skilled they can be in these playdowns.

Clan Go finished rank 8 with 2 more points than SK.ger. They also managed to beat now finalist

Mousesports during the season and will be a tough opponent to beat for SK.ger.

Watch the show tonight with English commentary of Zolex at 5pm CET!

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