Demnächst auf Xbox Live: Tomb Raider & Crysis DLC, Deal of the Week

Maurice Urban

Auf Xbox Live gibt es ab sofort wieder neue Inhalte. Microsoft hat den Store unter anderem mit den neuen DLCs für Crysis 3 und Tomb Raider befüllt, einen Deal of the Week gibt es natürlich auch wieder.

Demnächst auf Xbox Live: Tomb Raider & Crysis DLC, Deal of the Week
Xbox LIVE Arcade Release Date MS Points
State of Decay 5-Jun 1600
Game Add-ons Release Date MS Points
Crysis 3: Multiplayer Map Pack 4-Jun 1200
Tomb Raider: Outfit Pack 4-Jun 240
Tomb Raider: Adventure Pack Unlock 4-Jun 560
Tomb Raider: Online Survival Pack 4-Jun 560
Tomb Raider: Tom of the Lost Adventurer Pack 4-Jun 240
Injustice: Gold Among Us Character #3: Scorpion 4-Jun 400
Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price
Sleeping Dogs 4-Jun to 10-Jun
Sleeping Dogs GonD varies
Avatar: Motorcycle with toy Handgun 160 (50% off)
Tactical Soldier 80 (50% off)
Street Racer Pack 160 (50% off)
The Swat Pack 160 (50% off)
The Movie Masters Pack 80 (50% off)
Nightmare in North Point 280 (50% off)
Police Protection Pack 120 (50% off)
Martial Arts Pack 120 (50% off)
GSP Pack 120 (50% off)
Deep Undercover Pack 120 (50% off)
Triad Enforcer Pack 120 (50% off)
The Dragon Master Pack 320 (50% off)
Square Enix Pack 80 (50% off)
Top Dog Silver Pack 80 (50% off)
Top Dog Gold Pack 120 (50% off)
Red Envelope Pack 120 (50% off)
High Roller Pack 120 (50% off)
Retro Triad Pack 80 (50% off)
Year of the Snake 280 (50% off)
The Wheels of Fury 160 (50% off)
The Law Enforcer Pack 80 (50% off)
The Monkey King Pack 80 (50% off)
The Zodiak Tournament Pack 200 (50% off)
The Drunken Fist Pack 80 (50% off)
The Gangland Style Pack 80 (50% off)
The Screen Legends Pack 80 (50% off)
Worms 11-Jun to 17-Jun
Worms Revolution 600 (50% off)
Worms 2 Armageddon 200 (50% off)
Worms Ultimate Mayhem 400 (50% off)
Worms 200 (50% off)
Sales & Specials Discount Date Price
Kinect Central: Burnout Crash 4-Jun to 10-Jun 320 (60% off)
Kinect Central: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 14 Course Pack 11-Jun to 17-Jun 1600 (50% off)
Battlefield 3: Premium 11-Jun to 17-Jun 2000 (50% off)
Sunny Day Sale 11-Jun to 17-Jun varies
Games on Demand Release Date
Tomb Raider 4-Jun
MLB 2K13 4-Jun
Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes 4-Jun
Hitman Contracts and Silent Assassin HD Double Pack 11-Jun

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