WC3L Quali: ID vs. mTw


(Will) Two German teams face off to try and get a spot in the next WC3L season. They both have a good chance and will display some wicked WC3 skills tonight.

WC3L Quali: ID vs. mTw

This is a game from the loserbracket though, but nonetheless I could see one of these teams get a spot for next season. It will take some training and hard work sure, but not a mission impossible.

mTw is amongst the elder clans of the wc3l but they ended last season very poorly. With a 2-0-9 score they are giving other teams hope for their spot in this top WC3 league. One of these challengers is ID Gaming, consisting of well known (and not so German might I add) players such as LiiLD.C and Firestrike. If this will be enough for ID to beat WC3L vet mTw remains to be seen, in any case it will be a great challenge and a sweet game.

Have fun watching the show tonight at 6pm CET with English commentary of Zolex

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