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Nachdem Kinect jetzt auch in Europa erschienen ist, veröffentlichte Rare nun eine Facebook App zu ihrem Titel Kinect Sports. Mit dieser könnt ihr unter anderem euren Fortschritt in verschiedenen Ligen überblicken und Videos hochladen.

Zu finden ist die App hier. Die offizielle Pressemitteilung findet ihr auf der nächsten Seite.

Competition is, of course, a crucial part of any sporting event. Equally important is the opportunity to show off when you’ve mastered a minigame or honed your Javelin arm to perfection. These scenarios and more are well catered for in the new Kinect Sports Facebook app developed by Rare alongside Nzime and Microsoft Game Studios, now open to players worldwide on the Rare Ltd Facebook page.

Whether you’re looking to dive into the competitive current of an existing league or start up your own, whether you’re interested in pitting yourself against close friends and family or throwing down the gauntlet to a field of international players, the app has you covered. All you need to sign up and start using it is a Facebook presence and the Windows Live ID associated with your Xbox LIVE gamertag.

Kicking off your own league? Choose a name then pick a sport, difficulty level, start date, number of games covered and other players to invite, then start putting in some hard-to-beat performances against those computer opponents ? the league will automatically be updated with the results of all members playing on the chosen settings. Invited to a friend’s league or confident enough to take part in the global free-for-all? You decide whether to join a single week-long league or subscribe indefinitely.

Should you upload any Kinect Sports video highlights and send them from to your Facebook profile, the app will collect them under a single tab for easy viewing and sharing with friends. Also coming soon is the ability to see your complete personal stats and records (event-specific or all-in) with a single click. One or both of those options, combined with the chance to rack up consecutive league wins against players chosen by you, should fulfil anyone’s competitive urges and the need to flaunt their mad skills. On the flip side, there’s no pressure over shaky stats or unflattering video: all records and highlights are for your eyes only until you choose to share them.

The official Kinect Sports Facebook app is live right now at Whatever your level of experience, jump online any time and start fielding challenges from across the world. We’ll see you there!


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