SOCOM: Confrontation - Patch kommt morgen


Der neue Patch zu dem Online-Shooter SOCOM: Confrontation erscheint morgen. Der Patch wird dann im Internet zu finden sein und soll einige Bugs beseitigen.

Der Patch betrifft derzeit nur die US-Version.

Hier der Patchlog:

-Fixed many issues which would cause the game to crash, hang, disconnect and exit to the PS3 XMB.
-Fixed an issue which would cause large numbers of players in a high player count game to be simultaneously disconnected.
-Fixed an issue which would cause players to be invincible.
-Fixed a physics issue which would cause players to occasionally ”warp” around on the map.
-Fixed an issue where a ”corrupt save data” message would be incorrectly displayed after updating the game.
-Fixed some player model issues related to team swapping.
-Client/server optimization.
-Fixed an issue where the scope camera had an incorrect offset from the barrel of the gun while prone or leaning/peeking.

Das Spiel erscheint am 26. November für PS3.

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