WC3L Quali: mYm.sca vs. Starcoma


(Will) The WC3L finals are not far off but of course teams have to be decided for season XI now. To do this weve got the usual qualification phase, this time with mYm.sca vs. Starcoma!

WC3L Quali: mYm.sca vs. Starcoma

mYm seems to be trying to get 2 teams in the WC3L just like SK has! They have a Denmark team now with well-known players also seen in the Extreme Masters such as Ciara and ThomasG. They have a nice chance to enter the WC3L and will be tough to beat for its opponent today.

Starcoma is known only from the “BundesLiga” here in Germany. In this they’ve never been the strongest team and internationally they are quite new. I have little hope for them winning this fight but the WC3 scene has surprised me time and time again the latest months.

See the show tonight at 8pm CET with English commentary of Zolex

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