Dota: Fade vs Wizz


(Will) The mYm Prime Defending 5 tournament now reached its group stage, today we present such a match as we see two teams we havent seen on GIGA before: Wizz and Fade.

Dota: Fade vs Wizz

It doesn’t always have to be Team Q, TeG, mYm or n!faculty, today we’re showing you how the other teams fare in the mym groupstages. For this we selected Fade and Wizz to show us how dota’s played.

Not much I can say about the teams myself expect that they are unfamiliar faces in the dota scene and have their chance here now to prove themselves. many new names have to be made in this relatively new scene, and at GIGA 2 is were we’ll see every one of them made!

this match starts at 6pm CET but the show starts at 5. Expect some nice dota action before 6 too! To be updated!

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