GIGA 2 weekly German shows-to-see


(Will) You have a GIGA 2 account for the English shows but would like to know what else is a must to tune into, German or otherwise? Then read on!

GIGA 2 weekly German shows-to-see

11.04.07 4pm – 7pm: Warcraft III WC3L Mousesports vs. World Elite.
Two great teams here, Mousesports needs to beat a few more if they plan on heading to the offline finals like last year. With their performance this season it seems unlikely that they’ll beat down World Elite, the unbeatable team of the season. Even if the odds are a bit one-sided, it promises to be an exciting match nonetheless.

12.04.07 9pm – 12am: Command & Conquer 3
The game has only recently been released and already we can broadcast matches between players who are currently amongst the best. Interested in seeying how to play this new game and how it is played between hardcore players? Is it that imbalanced now? Tune in!

Amongst all the other entertaining shows I’d personally recommend these ones to watch even without any knowledge of the German language, have fun!

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