Warcraft III Race-Tournament


(Will) As a small change of plans we now have Warcraft III upcoming with our own organised Race-Tournament! Four players fight it out for our TV station and play for the sake of one thing: proving their choice of race was the better.

Warcraft III Race-Tournament

This GIGA organised tournament will be played as BO1 between four well-known players: Xlord (Undead), Thurisaz(Human), Fisch(Orc) and LiiLD.C(Night Elf).

These players can be seen in the German EPS and even the Extreme Masters, as LiiLD.C is participating in there and is with this also our only non-German player, representing Sweden! Let’s see if he has what it takes to beat the other races down and give the German people a run for their money! Xlord will definitely be a tough challenge as he is improving a lot lately and even Fisch will be an Orc who will pose quite the challenge. The human participant Thurisaz did quite well in the EPS, if this will be enough to beat down players such as Xlord and LiiLD.C is a tough question that will be answered tonight.

Is a certain race really imba? We will see in these upcoming Warcraft III matches where everyone plays everyone. No mirror matches allowed!

See it all today at 8pm CET with English commentary from Zolex

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