WC3L Playoffs: SK vs mYm


(Will) The finals are almost here and with this, the end of another season of the prestigious WC3L draws near. Three spots are taken, the last will be given out today!

WC3L Playoffs: SK vs mYm

The day has come for SK and mYm to prove themselves, they both have to give it their all or a trip to Germany won’t be waiting for them when this is all over. Only one spot is given out today, as the other one has been given out to Mousesports after their 3-1 win vs. Fnatic.

Peculiar thing about all this is that we haven’t seen either Fnatic or Mousesports in last finals, as they both had a pretty bad season alltogether. Now German team Mousesports will be in there and one of the great teams mYm or SK will be left out. SK Gaming lost vs. mYm last LAN finals, as mYm even took the gold in the end.

Will SK’s training be enough to beat last year’s champion? Top match at 5pm CET(GMT+1) today on GIGA2, commentated on by Will “Zolex” in English and presented in German by Chris and Maxi.

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