Auch BestBuy stoppt iPhone 4 Vorverkauf

Nach AT&T hat auch der US-Elektronikriese BestBuy jetzt den iPhone-4-Vorverkauf eingestellt:

BestBuy stoppt iPhone Vorverkauf

Im BestBuy Forum gibt es detaillierte Infos:

Is Best Buy® still launching the iPhone 4 on launch day, June 24th, 2010?
Yes. At this time we have not received any notice from Apple of a change in launch date.

Does pre-ordering the iPhone 4 at Best Buy® guarantee me a phone on launch day, June 24th, 2010?
No. However, we do fulfill pre-order in the order they were placed.

Will Best Buy® take pre-orders for the iPhone 4?
Yes, but only for the iPhone 4 16GB Black (SKU: 1038865) and iPhone 4 32GB Black (SKU: 1039188). UPDATE: Effective immediately Best Buy® will no longer be accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4.

Wer diesen Sommer noch sein iPhone 4 in den Händen halten will, sollte sich wohl beeilen…

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