Review - Thoughts on Assassin's Creed 2!


Next to the Metal Gear Franchise one of the mature games in the business. Moreover this is one of the games which is not mixed up. Due to an extremely unsatisfying first part, which i  have given up to play after a few hours because of the sheer number of unsatisfying moves and coincidential kills, i think this one is outstanding and very loveable. The story of Ezio is told enthralling, so that you are absorped from the first moments on. It is told that Ezio isn’t an assassin from the beginning, but born into a family of assassins, which have given an oath from generation to generation against the knight templars. The interest of the conflict is the so called eden shiver, a golden sphere with magical powers and its counterpart, a golden bar. While the golden bar is in possession of Rodrigo Borgia, the pope himself and member of the powerful and infamous Borgia family, needs the golden sphere still be found. Together they have the power to open the gate within the vatican, where according to legends the gods dwell. Within twenty hours of gameplay you visit four major scenes, but the cities are huge. Different habits and costumes like clothes make every city unique. The are two highlights in the game. The carnival of Venice and the end, where the whole story gets an universal scope. In the end Ezio isn’t the assassin anymore, but transformed into the prophet of the godlike planets. This and the fact that metempsychosis is a very huge part of the game are interesting to such an extent, that the question which prophecy has to be fullfilled, remains at least half an hour afterwards in serious manners.

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