Softwarecharts - aus den UK


Die Verkaufszahlen aus der 2KW.

1.Football Manager 2009
2.Command & Conquer: Red Allert 3
3.WOW: Wrath of Lich King
4.Sims 2: Double Deluxe
5.Call of Duty 5
7.Grand Theft Auto 4
8.Left 4 Dead
9.Call of Duty 4
10.WOW: Battlechest

Xbox 360:
1.Call of Duty 5
2.Gears of War 2
3.Need For Speed: Undercover
4.FIFA 09
5.Far Cry 2
6.Guitar Hero World Tour
7.Quantum of Solace
8.Prince of Persia
9.Call of Duty 4
10.Left 4 Dead

1.Call of Duty 5
2.FIFA 09
3.Need For Speed: Undercover
5.Fallout 3
6.Prince of Persia
7.Far Cry 2
8.Resistance 2
9.Quantum of Solace
10.Call of Duty 4

1.Wii Fit
2.Mario Kart Wii
3.Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
4.Rayman Raving Rabbids
5.Guitar Hero World Tour
6.Sonic Unleashed
7.Shaun White Snowboarding
8.LEGO Batman
9.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09
10.Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City

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