Double feature in the Counter-Strike ESL Pro Series


(Uli) The finals are getting closer and tonight we have two rather decisive matches on the schedule: SK Gaming vs. Stofftiere Online and ID Gaming vs. Team64.AMD, starting at 20 CET with Uli on the microphone.

Double feature in the Counter-Strike ESL Pro Series

While sfto are on their way out of the ESL Pro Series, SK still have the chance to get a spot among the four best teams.

ID Gaming placed third last season and are now trying to get to the finals again. For Team64, the finals had almost been a sure thing, but now they’re trying to get back into form – we’ll see if that happens.



  • Tim ‘mason’ Kleemann
  • Kim ‘vio’ Schümann
  • Manuel ‘approx’ Zeitz
  • Yasin ‘yasin’ Kovanci
  • Christian ‘todi’ Hackmann
  • Lineup


  • Tobias ‘HALBBEe’ Hille
  • Christopher ‘MYS’ Seidemann
  • Jerome ‘cyberpunK’
  • Mashya ‘maSh’ Masoumi
  • Bernd ‘nYron’ Jung
  • Lineup

    ID Gaming

  • Bodo ‘Bodo’ Sbrzesny
  • Bastian ‘b4d’ Gaffron
  • Christoph ‘chrizzo’ Krämer
  • Gerhard ‘gerdi’ Grimm
  • Benjamin ‘paN’ von Mulert
  • Lineup


  • Nils ‘bara’ Waldowski
  • Hannes ‘Hanso’ Dunkel
  • Oliver ‘HUNTi’ Velevski
  • Thomas ‘uLTi’ Teissl
  • Knut-Ole ‘tronix’ Mohr
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