EPS Finals IX


(Will/Uli) The EPS has finally reached its final stage, only a few clans and teams are left and all have been invited to fight it out offline. Location: Cologne Tanzbrunnen, Games: CS, FIFA and WC3, Time: 1,2 and 3 December.

The EPS, a German league with a prize pot of no less than 165.000 Euro. You need to be German to participate but a lot of these players can also be seen in international leagues as well. Today it reaches its final playday, which will be played offline as tradition demands it.

Of this event everything will be covered in English except FIFA. As for the players participating, have a look at the short overview below!

Warcraft III

SK.Miou. Has been the EPS champion for five seasons already. Never plays anything other than Human and is incredibly strong in mirror matches. With 2 other Humans in these offline Finals he will be a tough opponent to beat. He leads the rankings with 12-0-3 and is a major favourite in the German scene. Perhaps the next contestant is up for it…

SK.fire_de. This Human player has proven himself recently in international leagues such as the Extreme Masters and the Blizzard Europe final. He has advanced in the EPS with a 12-0-3 score, ranked 2nd. He could beat Miou off the throne and a lot of people are expecting a great performance from him.

Mouz.spell. Always seen the championship title go to Miou right before his eyes. He ends up in the grand final vs. Miou most of the time and loses after putting up a great fight. He is 3th on the ranking list with a score of 11-0-4 and is determined to not let the championship title slip away again.

mTw.hanf. The ugly duck of the four, he is the only non-Human player in the finals as he plays Night Elf. He is now 4th place with 10-0-5 to his record. It will be hard for this player to finish as the champ this weekend, but perhaps with the right amount of training he could make it…


Fill in stuff here, gaynut.

Enjoy this upcoming event this weekend, starting Friday 9pm CET with Warcraft III Hanf vs. Miou, Saturday 3pm CET with Warcraft III Lowerbracket 1 and Sunday 3:30pm CET with Warcraft III Finals!
Counter-Strike will be commented on by FlyingDJ and Warcraft III by Zolex.

P.S. I (Zolex) will also try to be there at times so try to find me and buy me a beer or so …

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