Extreme Masters Double Feature in CS


(Uli) The Extreme Masters are getting it going as we have another double feature coming up for you this Thursday. http://static1.giga.de/media/news/1118316178news.jpg ID Gaming will be facing http://static1.giga.de/media/news/1119349078news.jpg emuLate while http://static1.giga.de/media/news/1118414190news.jpg defining stars have to kick it up a notch against http://static1.giga.de/media/news/1120232218news.jpg x6tence.

Extreme Masters Double Feature in CS
Both matches are going to be thrilling. While the teams might all not be among those that are going to make it to the grand finals in the end, they definitely have their qualities and are going to show us what they can do tonight.
just managed to beat
, so they should be a team to look out for.

ID Gaming

  • Christoph “chrizzo” Krämer
  • Bodo “Bodo” Sbrzesny
  • Gerhard “gerdi” Grimm
  • Benjamin “paN” von Mulert
  • Bastian “b4d” Gaffron
  • Frankreich

  • Michael “HaRts” Zanatta
  • Jeremy “ioRek” Arroyo
  • Mathieu “Mat” Leber
  • Mickael “mSx” Cassisi
  • Mathieu “RiGo-” Bridet
  • Spanien

  • Jose Maria “DrastyK” Blasco
  • David Andres “DeyF” Arroyo
  • Antonio “Flipin” Rivas del Rey
  • Aitor Fernandez “milicua” Milicua
  • David Anton “r1bera” Ribera
  • Schweden
    defining stars

  • Stefan “stf” Anderssen
  • Jesper “Suppe” Loden
  • Ola “dmp” Johanssen
  • Viktor “MythoS” Kvist
  • Niklas “omega” Tegnavallius
  • Tune in at 19 and 21 CET.

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