German Federal States fighting


(Uli) As you might know Germany consists of 16 federal states. Theres Bavaria, theres Saxony, theres Berlin and thirteen others. All those gather players periodically to fight in the ESL Federal State Championship. Another time the Counter-Strike teams have gathered and the final will be played tonight at 21 CET.

German Federal States fighting

One team is from the South. Baden-Württemberg is the name, they’re famous for sunny weather and delicious wine. But it seems their Counter-Strike skills are also existant, since they have made it to the finals of this championship.
Hamburg on the other hand is from the far North. The city pays host to many Intel Friday Night Games and has a widely know red light district. They come from the winner bracket, so they only have to take one map.

Tune in at 21 CET with Uli.

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