IFNG goes international! WSVG full coverage!


(Will/Uli) The Intel Friday Night Game has earned quite the popularity rating here in Germany. Now it broadens its horizons and moves over to Sweden, Stockholm, where an abroad IFNG will be held! After this we are covering the entire WSVG as well, promising to be a weekend full of events and great games.

IFNG goes international! WSVG full coverage!

The IFNG has drawn many people to the stage already here in Germany. We are determined to let people from other countries enjoy this great event as well and next up we have one in Sweden. Usually EPS matches are played at the IFNGs but this time we’re holding two Extreme Masters matches there, which are the following:

Warcraft III:

Elakeduck vs.

This playday three game proves to be an exciting match. We’ve got an Orc vs. Nightelf matchup between the two top ranked players of group C.
The Duck has recently came back to playing Warcraft III and what a come-back he made. He’s won against Human elite ToD already in this Extreme Masters season and has a score of 2-0-0. This is a score that DIDI8 also owns though although he did it with a 4:1 score difference, in contrary to the 4:2 that Duck has. He’s becoming one of the best Night Elf players in the scene and might just show us how to beat up an orc player.

Aside from this game, Night Elf star Deadman will also be present and will play a showmatch vs. Elakeduck and DIDI8.


NoA vs.
SK Gaming

As exciting as this match is going to be, as hard it is to predict who is going to win. NoA performed really well at the World Cyber Games but have struggled in the Extreme Masters so far. SK Gaming managed to qualify for the WSVG Finals but have lacked proper victories at other tournaments this year. Both are European elite nevertheless and de_dust2 should be the perfect map for a match like that.

The whole event will be covered live by GIGA 2 in English with Will “Zolex” De Gryse and Jens “Greatsam” Hilgers doing the Warcraft III on stage while Alexander “MadDog” Albrecht and Miguel “Quick” Bennett will take care of the Counter-Strike part. It will start at 8pm CET, don`t miss this grand event!

For information about WSVG event in the weekend, go to the next page of this article!

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