Intel Friday Night Game Paris featuring extreme matches in WC3 and CS


(Will/Uli) Just recently the very popular German Intel Friday Night Game went abroad in Stockholm, next event featuring the Extreme Masters: 19th January, Paris.

Intel Friday Night Game Paris featuring extreme matches in WC3 and CS

And what an event it will be. Not only does it have one of the best matchups in Warcraft III in one of the highest prize money leagues, but it’s also situated in the hometown of eSports in France.
GIGA 2 will be there, covering the entire event live on stage, completely in English.
The following matches will be played there:

Warcraft III:

4K.ToD vs.

A matchup can’t get much better than this, top Human vs. top Orc. These clanmates have had their share of battles against each other to reach high amounts of prizemoney and once again something important is at stake. They now fight to advance in the Extreme Masters. The one losing this game will have a much harder time ending up in the next stage and a shot at the prize money as both players now have 1-0-1 stats. With everything at stake and the game at ToD his homeland, this might just become a game of the year!


GoodGame vs.

The Germans have a killer lineup this season. A team that is said to be world class faces a top class French team. The odds are clearly in favour of the
warriors, however the Frenchmen of
have the advantage of playing in their home country in front of their countrymen. Who will win? We’ll find out in Paris.



  • Christian “blizzard” Chmiel
  • Navid “Kapio” Javadi
  • Tim “silver” Hochgrebe
  • Franz “gore” Burkhart
  • Manuel “Tixo” Makohl
  • goodgame


  • Frédéric “OliGan” Ngor
  • Matthias “Baldours” Denis
  • Thierry “curiel” Dos Santos
  • Julien “MaYeRs” Riviere
  • Dimitri “dim2k” Larue
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