Interview with Seu.Aurora


(Will) Aurora is one of the players of female CS team Les Seules. With the growing female game community I asked her a couple of questions of how shes faring in this.

Interview with Seu.Aurora

Hi Aurora! Could you tell us something about your life in eSports at the moment? How are you feeling in the scene nowadays?

Hey Will :). Well to be totally honest, I am feeling kinda old :). Feels like I have been playing CS forever and a day – but I still love it, and I still feel like I can get better. I think that’s the beauty of CS, you can ALWAYS get better and that’s what keeps you interested in the game.

Along with the overall eSports scene, the female eSports scene is growing with more teams adding female squads. Do you feel this is a good thing to separate the “female part”, something which usually only happens in physical other sports?

Well I don’t exactly see it as a bad thing. I mean its good for all areas – for females, for males, for the organisations and for the sponsors. Segregating these areas doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, the only thing that makes it unfair, is that females have their own tournaments. Females have the choice to enter in both male and female tournaments. Males can only enter one. Segregation happens like you say, in almost all sports – and if we want esports to be recognized as a real sport – then you have to take these steps.

What do you do besides eSports? Is eSports something you want to continue doing, do it as a profession or is it more of a short-term thing for you? What made you start getting really into eSports and keep doing it?

I started CS just as a hobby, like everyone else. I played it because I found it fun to play, and a challenge! Once opportunities arose to start travelling around the world, playing in different tournaments then it started becoming more of a profession than a hobby. I don’t think I ever went into this thinking it was short term, I have been playing “professionally” since 2003, and I still play to this day. Sometimes I think about stopping, getting on with my life – but then I also think, who should decide when you are too old for a game, and who decides when you should “grow up” :). I enjoy living my life this way, even though the money is tight, and the training hours can be long and tedious. Besides esports I don’t really do much. I work in esports both as a gamer and on the “other side” :P

How about your trip through America? What experience did you pick up there? Up for another one of those?

All I can say there is OMFG. We experienced some of the coolest things that we could only have dreamt about doing. So I am definitely up for one of those again (lets hope the opportunity arises once more) ;) If you want to see what experiences we had, then you’re gonna have to wait like the rest out there! :P

Do you train vs. other male Squads often? If so, whom and how do you fare against them?

We train against anyone and everyone. We aren’t picky. I think its best to get diversity in your gaming, and you only find that by playing all types of teams. Noobs, experienced, female and male, mixed or clan. We usually do pretty well in pracs, although like all teams, you win some and you lose some. Actually I never really think about wether we win or lose a pracc, but more about how the tacs felt, and how the teamplay felt during the game.

What are Les Seules’ further plans now for 2007? I notice a new webpage is being made?

Webpage should be up and running asap, think we are just having some problems with the webhotel thing. Hopefully its up by the end of the month at the latest. Plans for 2007 are simply to play our game, our way :).

How is life in an all female squad? Do you have weekly practices and perhaps get together sometimes? Do you think the bond is stronger in a female team? Would you be able to play in a mixed squad?

I can play in any team I think, mixed or not mixed. To me gaming is a passion, and I fare well pretty much anywhere I am. We practice 4-5 times a week for around 4-5 hours. I think females bond better yeah, but they also disagree more, and get angry easier. It takes good chemistry to keep a team alive for such a long time – no matter if its male or female.

Thanks for the interview Aurora and good luck with Les Seules!

There you have it, it seems the female part of the sport is going it’s own direction faster these days and we’ll see a lot more female pros rise up! Looking forward to it!

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