Meet Your Makers meet x6tence


(Uli) Before the CS teams in Counter-Strike go on their well-deserved holiday break, there are some final matches left that will be rather decisive in the battle for the playoffs. One of those is the one we will witness tonight when the Norwegians of Meet Your Makers take on the Spaniards of x6tence at 21 CET.

Meet Your Makers meet x6tence

MYM have shown an impressive performance in their first match, beating the Fins of hoorai in a match that was not as close as expected.
x6tence have won their first two matches as well and are eager to continue their streak tonight. de_nuke might be anyone’s map, so tune in tonight at 21 CET for some hot CS action.


  • Jose Maria “DrastyK” Blasco
  • David Andres “DeyF” Arroyo
  • Antonio “Flipin” Rivas del Rey
  • Aitor Fernandez “milicua” Milicua
  • David Anton “r1bera” Ribera
  • Norwegen
    Meet Your Makers

  • Geir-Stian R. “juven9le” Svendsen
  • Preben “oops” Josdal
  • Preben “prb” Gammelsaeter
  • Sondre “REAL” Svanevik
  • Lasse “xione” Stokke
  • Ole “elemeNt” Moum
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