VoD of IFNG Paris now online!


(Will) The second Internation IFNG happened in Paris not so long ago, this event was covered completely live but now you have the opportunity to review this event whenever you wish.

VoD of IFNG Paris now online!

The matches played in this IFNG were none other than Goodgame vs. Mousesports for CS and ToD vs Grubby for Warcraft III! If you haven’t seen this clash yet or wish to review it, you can hit the link below and view what was one of 2007´s first big eSports events.

Hosts for this show were Will “Zolex” De Gryse and Jens “Greatsam” Hilgers for Warcraft III and Ulrich “FlyingDJ” Schultze and Nicholas Cerrato for CounterStrike. Leading the entire show on the stage with additional information, intro`s and raffles were Nik Adams and Jean-Christophe Arnaud.

Have fun!


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Welches CS:GO-Turnier hatte die meisten Besucher bisher (Stand: Dez 2015)?

Weitere Themen: Counter-Strike Demo, Valve

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