IFNG broadcast in English


(Will) The EPS finals are drawing near and the deciding games are now being played. A few of the best of these have been chosen to occur at this IFNG in Cologne!

IFNG broadcast in English

Three different games will be played as usual on the IFNG. For each of these games we have one topmatch, rivalled perhaps only by the upcoming offline finals themselves.


The matchup today is the same as last EPS finals, as ALTERNATE aTTaX plays against SK Gaming. These are teams proved to be amongst the best FIFA has to offer with players such as Styla, Hero and zoOky, which are all popular amongst the scene. The teams are ranked top 2 in the EPS with aTTaX in the lead. No doubt a tough fight awaits them, not to mention a tense football match!

Warcraft III

An important match for Night Elf player Hanf tonight. He is rank five now in the EPS and if he wants to have a chance in the offline finals he needs to beat his opponent today, the highely skilled human player Spell. This will definitely be a tough challenge for him, as Spell usually ends up in the grand EPS finals vs. Miou. Spell is a force to be reckoned with and is determined to give it his all and perhaps finally beat Miou in the end. Keep your focus, Hanf, it won’t be easy!


Team ALTERNATE aTTaX plays a second game in this IFNG, which is their most important match as well. They are ranked fifth at the moment and need to win to get more points and a shot at the offline finals. Their opponent mTw is rank eight and is unlikely to enter the offline finals. They will still go for a long shot though and if nothing else, a higher spot in the season. They won’t be a pushover and aTTaX will have to give it their all to try and advance that much needed spot!

Exciting matches guaranteed on the IFNG, with an English shoutcast from Zolex for FIFA and WC3 and FlyingDJ for Counter-Strike. We will try to bring you a piece of the action and atmosphere of this German event! The show starts at 7pm CET with Chronologically ordered games mentioned above!

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