Entwickler Mark Jacobs kritisiert die MMOG-Entwicklung: Keine Innovation


(André) Mark Jacobs, seines Zeichens Entwickler bei Mythic, nahm im Forum von F13.net kein Blatt vor den Mund. Er äußerte sich recht unzufrieden zur aktuellen Situation im MMOG-Bereich.

Entwickler Mark Jacobs kritisiert die MMOG-Entwicklung: Keine Innovation

Sinngemäß sagt Jacobs, dass man viel mehr Potential habe und vieles weitaus besser machen könne, als man es bisher tut. Hier der Wortlaut:

“1) I’m also frustrated with the current state of MMOs. I think we *all* can do a lot better in the future than we are doing today. WAR is not intended to be Generic MMO # nor is it meant to be THE ONE GAME THAT CHALLENGES EVERYTHING AND MAKES YOU ITS B****! My jumping off point for it was the same as for DAoC, evolutionary game with some revolutionary features. Hopefully, there will be enough really cool stuff to get people excited but only time will tell. Truly revolutionary games will, as always, most likely be done by small studios, with small budgets and not by large companies, with large budgets and teams, much like the film industry. There are exceptions of course but as the budgets rise to heights that they have, the harder it is to get backing for something both revolutionary and expensive. That’s one reason I’ve always thought and spoken highly of guys who do games like ATITD and Puzzle Pirates. Maybe one day I’ll get to do a truly revolutionary game (I/Mythic) never had the chance in the past and prior to Mythic, getting money to do any online game was unbelievably difficult (as opposed to just incredibly difficult for Mythic), but I would like the shot at it sometime. Who knows, if WAR succeeds, maybe we get a shot at the title…”

Auch zum Thema EA äußert er sich kurz und offenbart, dass sie sich nicht in den Entwicklungsablauf einmischen.

“2) EA has not involved itself in the game design of WAR in any way whatsoever to date. I know you guys will find this hard to believe but so far, EA’s involvement in WAR has been only positive. …. “

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