Clanbase ET Eurocup Finals: Dignitas vs. Zeropoint!


(Mashed) As always, the annually occurring Eurocup ran by Clanbase is coming to an end, and in yet again impressive form.

Clanbase ET Eurocup Finals: Dignitas vs. Zeropoint!

In this battle we’ll see not only two of the greatest teams in the world but two teams whom have not only faced eachother this season but have a grudge going since Quakecon. Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape:

Battle overview

Map choice: SW_Goldrush_TE



- Undefeated since their loss to Parodia in Eurocup XII
- 1st place CPC
- Eurocup XIII Gold
- #1 ranked team In the world


Map choice: Radar



- Winner of loser’s bracket.
- 3rd place Poznan Gaming Arena
- 2nd place at Quakecon as ATI
- Favourites for ending Dignitas’ reign

Just looking at the facts gives us a pretty clear picture that this game is indeed going to be an epic. These two teams have already faced off in the final of the winner’s bracket where we saw Dignitas (previously named Idle, until they joined up with Dignitas) dominate Zeropoint taking 2 maps straight, giving Zeropoint their only defeat in this season’s Eurocup. Zeropoint however crawl their way back up after mercilessly crushing aMenti 4:0 in the loser’s bracket final and they are out for revenge upon their eesti advesaries. We also see Potter having to drop out from the final as he begins his travel to the SHG open in Copenhagen with Keran taking his place, could this lead to another defeat? Or spark the victory that Zeropoint so longingly desire.


I managed to get a few words from Dignitas’ German war machine Urtier and Zeropoint’s Austrian assassin in Potter about Zeropoint and Dignitas, act 3:

Urtier: We have already played ZeroPoint! in the winner brackets final, so we know what they are capable of. I’m pretty sure they will try everything to beat us this time. If we play to our usual standard it’ll be 4:0 like before.”

Potter: Well its hard to say… we didnt do so well the whole eurocup this year but we won every important match until we lost vs idle which wasnt that unexpected :> but the last game vs amenti went really good i think we are on the right way to be good in shape on the day the final is played.

This epic rivalry will be yet another chapter in a long line of battles we are sure to see. But what does some of our great ET community think? Let’s take a look:

Sheep from I think the most obvious prediction would be to say idle will win, and in this case, I think idle WILL win. I still think idle are the daddies and will remain the daddies for a long time to come, atm – unbeatable. 4-0 to idle.

Anaconda from Clanbase: Everybody knows that so far, idle hasnt been defeated a single time this EuroCup. With their huge amount of experience and teamwork, i’m afraid zeroPoint wont stand much of a chance against I recall that idle already played versus zP this EC and therefor i think idle will win again with the same score as last time : 4-0. But of course, let’s hope to see an exciting match !

Toxic from cdap pi: Every guy in his senses will say the same outcome tbh… idle win, and as long as braun or frost arent picked i cant see zP having the slightest of chances of challenging idle or even winning the round, atm, idle are untouchable, hopefully with clans lasting to the next EC leaving a sorta stable lineup then clans like zP,cdap,amenti etc will give idle a good run for their money, but still 4:0 for Idle

Clown from aMenti: Idle vs zP… It’s kinda funny, that I even need to predict this. People know, idle can only be beaten with ebola virus :) zP might make it close on maps like adler or frost, but i doubt they can beat them.


Well there we have it, once again we see Dignitas being the favorites in this next encounter between these two impeccable Enemy Territory squads and with there past, achievements and so strong lineup you can easily see why the odds are 1.25 to 5.00 in favour of Dignitas. Yet of course anything can happen in ET and of course in EuroCup, can Zeropoint create the upset of the new year by pulling out the stocks and taking down the top dogs of ET, we’ll see, but only by listening live to us right here at GIGA and looking at the ETTV video stream via, you won’t wanna’ miss it!

Stream info

Eurocup XIV Final: vs Zeropoint

English shoutcast: Mashed.
Stream URL:
Tournament info: Clanbase ET EuroCup
Video stream to go with the shoutcast:

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