UT Special: Junk52 1on1 Duel Cup


(Will) After a small break of heavy UT action, we come at you again with bringing you exclusive coverage of a high-skilled duel cup this weekend!

UT Special: Junk52 1on1 Duel Cup

After a few hard qualification rounds all the best UT2004 players have been gathered and are ready to face off in the cold arena.

Arena rules
‘You think that’s air you’re breathing?’

After some qualification rounds and direct invites, 32 people will join the fray with only one taking the cup. First a Group Stage commences with 8 groups of 4 players. Afterwards the two best of every group go onto the single elemination playoffs. The last man standing claims gold.

The Gladiators
‘I see dead people.’

You may see a lot of familiar faces on the participants as they’re all known in the scene and great players! The direct-invites are:

1. dignitas/astz!
2. dignitas/frantic
3. dignitas/Po1son
4. Falcon
5. Zeta
6. zeD
7. skAven
8. k1ck-Hypno

For a full player list check the link to your left!

The Announcers
‘Oh BigJesus I think that’s gonna leave a stain’

GIGA is covering the whole event exclusively, on as a free shoutcast. The Grand Finals will be on GIGA 1 at 10pm CET Sunday in German but also on giga.Listen in English.
English coverage will be provided by Will “Zolex” The Gryse at www.giga.de/2/listen (also go here for the times of the cast).

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