WC3L Shoutcast: Mouz vs. Prae


(Will) Next up on GIGA.Listen: Mousesports vs. Praetoriani! Old time vet and favourite vs. a newcomer…

WC3L Shoutcast: Mouz vs. Prae

Just recently I shoutcasted the match between two newcomers Kow3 and wNv. It was an intense match and with old vets in the team of wNv they could arise victorious and have the older teams in the WC3L look out for the next match against them.

For the Praetoriani things are looking quite hard, as they’re already matched up against last season’s grand final qualifier Mousesports in their very first match. Perhaps if Praetoriani gets a good line-up, they could score some points and perhaps even surprise us all and take the win.

I’m looking forward seeying another one of the newcomers show what they’ve got and for sure never wanne miss it. Zolex will cast the battle at 4pm CET this Wednesday.

I snatched one of the team captains of Prae for a statement and this is what he’d have to say:

it will be a hard match because mouz has alot of talented players like titan and happy, but its also our first wc3l clanwar ever wich will cause a little bit more tension for us

Will be tense indeed, don’t miss it!

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