Compilation of must-see English VoDs


(Will) Youre wondering what youve missed at GIGA 2 so far or youd like to review great shows? Then this is our time to take a stroll through all the best Videos On Demand!

Compilation of must-see English VoDs

Most of these shows are German hosted with English audio on the background and some are completely in English, it will be specifically mentioned!

* Intel Friday Night Game Hamburg, Extreme Masters WC3 and CS

* Finals of the UT MLU championship

* SK vs. mYm WC3, match for the offline finals last spot

* GIGA 2 Oldschool cup featuring Warcraft III Reign of Chaos with old pro gamers heman, intox, soul and survivor

* Blizzard season 4 qualifier-final in Stockholm
Day one
Day two

* CEG Finals XiaOt vs. Remind and interview with SK|TheSlash

* Intel Friday Night Game Paris featuring Extreme Masters games in WC3 (Grubby vs. ToD!) and CS.

There are other exciting Videos to find in our VoD section of the site, there you can have advanced searches for English-only language or any specific word you’re looking for.

Not all WC3L or finals VoDs are up yet, they will be up soon!

Weitere Themen: WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos Demo, Activision Blizzard

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