EPS: Davin vs. fire_de at the IFNG


(Will) Today we will have another English audio cast on a part of the IFNG as I will cast Davin vs. Fire_de from the studio for you!

EPS: Davin vs. fire_de at the IFNG

These are important games for Orc player Davin. His last loss vs. Lash has brought him in a tight spot to have a chance on going to the offline Finals. He will need to win this match vs. Human player Fire_de, who is not only a very strong opponent but also ranked second in this German EPS season with a 11-0-2 score.

Davin must give it all he’s got, winning flawlessly at least. Fire_de won’t say no to another win on his record to perhaps end up first before the offline finals. For this tense battle, both these players have been invited to the IFNG in Tonhalle, München to take it to the stage.

Watch what the IFNG is all about and a Warcraft 3 match tonight at 9:00 pm CET on GIGA 2 with English commentary from Zolex.

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