Extreme Masters Global Challenge starts tonight


(Uli) Thursday has passed and so have the local qualifers at the Extreme Masters event in Los Angeles.

Extreme Masters Global Challenge starts tonight

Today at midnight CET we’ll be kicking off our Extreme Masters coverage at both the high quality and the free stream.

All twelve players and teams are ready to head off into the group stage. For a more detailed overview on groups, please head over to the ESL page:

WarCraft 3 group stage
Counter-Strike group stage

From every group, two players and teams will progress to the playoffs which are starting tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted about the upcoming matches on our main page. Here’s a preliminary schedule (all times CET):

00:00 Miou vs. SoNkie
00:00 Shriek vs. Susiria
00:00 Shortround vs. Lucifer
00:30 Turmoil vs. fnatic
00:30 United 5 vs. Made In Brazil
01:30 United 5 vs. eMazing Gaming
01:30 Turmoil vs. Meet Your Makers
02:00 Susiria vs. nilknarf
02:00 hanf vs. Lucifer
02:30 eMazing Gaming vs. Made In Brazil
02:30 Meet Your Makers vs. fnatic
03:30 Shriek vs. nilknarf
03:30 hanf vs. Shortround

If you’re looking for photos of the event, those can be found here.

Tune in tonight at midnight, right after the Intel Friday Night Game!

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