GIGA.listen upcoming


(Will) The newest project of GIGA, our radio channel GIGA.listen has recently launched in Germany. We are now working on the international project.

GIGA.listen upcoming

You may have enjoyed giga.listen last weekend at the WC3L, as we provided a completely free English radio cast on all the best games! The casters you heard were me (Zolex) and Jaczie, as we casted a whopping 12 hours a day of the greatest WC3 games.

We do not plan on keeping it with just the WC3L Finals shoutcast, as right now a team is being put together to cast the greatest eSports events and matches on our new radio stream. To listen to the radio when it goes online, simply hit and click the English stream.

For more information feel free to join channel #giga.listen and ask me anything.
Stay tuned for launch for this new international eSports radio channel!

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