Major SK Gaming WC3 squad changes!


(Will) With top Korean SK players Sweet and Zacard leaving SK for the Beijing eSport Team, some severe changes had to be made to SK. The result: no more SK Gaming Germany.

Major SK Gaming WC3 squad changes!

It’s a sad loss for Germany perhaps, but a nice addition to SK International, as the four best players of ex-SK Ger still remain in the team. These are SK.Miou, SK.Fire, SK.Fisch and SK.XlorD.

All of these players proved their worth already in the international scene and will be a welcome addition to the remaining players HoT, Deadman and Insomnia.

The where, how and why will be thoroughly explained by SK.TheSlash in our very own studio today. This interview will be in German but I (Zolex) will try to translate some of it in English for you!

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