Warcraft 3 weekend on GIGA.Listen!


(Will) Besides the UT games we have in store for you this weekend, we also have no less than two great WC3L matches.

Warcraft 3 weekend on GIGA.Listen!

World Elite vs. Meet Your Makers

Two strong Asian teams that made it to the offline finals last season, filled with players known and worthy in the scene. This match is a clash of titans and the WC3 highlight of the weekend as both of them are currently ranked 1st (WE) and second (mYm). This will be a battle for the first spot early this season and to be called the better Asian team for now.
Shoutcasting this event will be Phil “QuiSh” Hoskinges, known from WCG and WEG events.

Shoutcast Link: www.giga.de/2/listen
Shoutcaster: QuiSh
Time: Saturday 24th 13:45

Fnatic vs. Kow3

A WC3L veteran vs. a newcomer. Both of them already have two losses but still a lot of playdays are on its way and if they want to prove their strength it will have to be done right now. This will be the first victory for one of them and it promises to be a tough battle!
Shoutcasting this event will be Jos “Zerter” Buyvoets. Player in clan Serious Gaming.

Shoutcast Link: www.giga.de/2/listen
Shoutcaster: Zerter
Time: Sunday 25th 11:45

Don’t miss these events WC3 fans and have fun!

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