WC3 Double Extreme Masters


(Will) Whats better than one? Two. Although that doesnt apply to just about everything but anyway it does for some Extreme Masters matches! Today we have Grubby vs. DIDI8 and Creolophus vs. Hum4nic.

WC3 Double Extreme Masters

We’re starting off with the bigger game (imho):

4K^Grubby vs DIDI8

A worldwide star vs. perhaps the underdog in this game, but not to be underestimated. A lot can be said about Grubby but not much is unknown, he is one of the best orc players nonetheless and DIDI8 is in for a tough fight. DIDI8 himself plays Night Elf and has improved conciderably lately, making him one of the better Night Elf players in the WC3 scene. If he will beat Grubby today it will depend on his strategy and training.
This game starts at 5:30pm CET!

Next game is between newer players in the top WC3 players scene, who want to prove their worth further in a league such as the Extreme Masters:

4K^Creolophus vs. Hum4nic

Another 4 Kings member today, his nick is Creolophus, he started in fnatic and recently joined up with the Kings as another Night Elf player for them. He’s a promising newcomer amongst the top players. He is facing Hum4nic, known for his mass-air and mass-towers strategies as an orc player. He is rather unknown so far and has yet to prove himself amongst the WC3′s best in the Extreme Masters.
This game starts at 8pm CET!

Two Orc vs. Night Elf games today. Have fun watching the show with audio commentary of Zolex!

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