WC3 EM: Protois vs. DIDI8 & Insomnia vs. ThomasG


(Will) Today we have another series of 2 Extreme masters in WC3! Join us as we watch four players give it their all to advance in this relatively new league!

WC3 EM: Protois vs. DIDI8 & Insomnia vs. ThomasG

Protois vs. DIDI8

Undead vs Night Elf matchup here. Protois is very active in the German scene, especially the EPS and now seeks to prove himself in an international league such as the Extreme Masters. With a commendable win vs. Grubby in playday 1, DIDI8 has proven himself to be strong and worthy to advance to the later stages of the league. This will be a tough fight for Protois!

Insomnia vs. ThomasG

With his first loss vs. Miou in the kickoff match at the IFNG, Insomnia will give it his all to win all matches ahead of him. This well-known Human player has been in the scene for longer than anyone can remember and wants to prove his worth once again. ThomasG is less known and plays Night Elf. He admits he isn’t strong vs. Human and with his first game being a loss vs. LiilD.C he might be a bit demotivated. He promises to practice hard for this match though, and give it his all.

Two excellent Extreme Masters matches on GIGA 2 tonight. The games start at 7pm CET and will be with English commentation of Zolex

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