WC3: Extreme Masters: Elakeduck vs. DIDI8


(Will) The first Extreme Masters match of the year on GIGA 2 promises to be interesting. The Duck faces DIDI8 in their long prolonged game for a first loss (at least for one of them).

WC3: Extreme Masters: Elakeduck vs. DIDI8

Aye, both players have not a single loss so far and it’s looking mighty fine for them. With their 2 wins ratio they are on top of their group but today one of them will have to cope with a loss.

Their wins are not to be overlooked either. DIDI8 won vs. international top Orc Grubby, leaving him strong vs this upcoming challenge. Elakeduck won against uber Human ToD, proving his strength vs. Human but this won’t really help him now and we all know of Duck’s utter hate against Night Elf…

I’m curious as how this clash will end. The game will start at 8pm CET, casted by yours truly.

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