WC3: Extreme Masters: HoT vs. Spell


(Will) One of the German favourites Spell faces off vs. Ukraine WC3 hero HoT. Playday two with both players having a loss on their record.

WC3: Extreme Masters: HoT vs. Spell

It seems like yesterday when the Extreme Masters started and already games are getting tense, surprising and we are advancing fast to the next playdays. Today is one of those tense games, as both players are pretty equal and want to win this whatever it takes.


Top scorer in the German EPS and a powerful human player internationally. Spell has had his share of bad luck not reaching the champion title in the EPS but never giving up and bringing a tough challenge to all who face him. He lost in the first playday vs. SunshineSWE with a 1-2 and now needs to beat HoT to get up the ladder in his group.


This one became a mighty Night Elf player and, unfortunately for Spell, has proven to be strong against Human players. With Human vs Elf being Spell’s worst lineup the odds could be in favour of HoT. His loss was against Ciara last playday with 1-2. The matchup looks good for HoT, perhaps he can score the win and raise to the higher ranks in the group!

Watch the show tonight at 8pm CET with English commentary of Zolex

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