WC3: Extreme Masters: Insomnia vs. LiiLD.C


(Will) Another top Extreme Masters match coming up tonight, as this is a crutual match for SK.Insomnias chance on a spot in the next stages of this grand league.

WC3: Extreme Masters: Insomnia vs. LiiLD.C

To get this spot it will definitely not be a walk in the park for oldtime favourite human player SK.Insomnia, since his last chance on the next stage is against the rank one player WE.JuSt.LiiLD.C. The latter has marched through the Masters competition with a 4-0-0 score and he will be the one obtaining one of the first tickets to the next Extreme Masters round.

LiiLD.C might just want to show the world his worth, dominating the first round and finishing flawlessly. Maybe there’s not much in it for him and a lot in it for Insomnia, which could change the motivation around a bit on which these players play. However I Believe LiiLD.C isn’t just going to give away this win and Insomnia will have to give it his all to have a chance on competing further in the Extreme Masters.

Even then it will be up to the other matches of his group as most of them have a 2-0-2 score. It will be a little bit about luck for Inso, but this game is all in his hands…

Watch the GIGA 2 stream tonight as we show you another match of the final Extreme Masters playday with host Zolex and guest Jaczie at 8pm CET.

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